WestJet of Canada Adding Flights to Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Sun

WestJet, which brought 873,801 passengers to Las Vegas in the 12-month period that ended July 31, has increased its flights 18% over the year prior.

A rundown of the cities, frequencies and schedule of service for the eight WestJet destinations:

Victoria, British Columbia. Flights began operating three times a week — Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays — through November and will revert to twice weekly Thursdays and Sundays December through April 26.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Wednesday and Saturday flights run Sept. 7 through April 28.

Ottawa, Ontario. Thursday and Sunday flights will run Sept. 8 through April 26.

Hamilton, Ontario. Monday and Friday flights will operate Sept. 9 through Nov. 28.

Regina, Saskatchewan. Monday and Friday flights will operate Sept. 9 through April 27.

Prince George, British Columbia. Wednesday and Saturday service will run Sept. 10 through Nov. 26.

Kelowna, British Columbia. Tuesday and Saturday flights will run Sept. 9 through April 28.

London, Ontario. Thursday and Sunday service will operate Oct. 30 through April 26.

This means more convenient flights for my Canadian clients to buy houses and commercial properties in Las Vegas.

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