Buying Las Vegas Houses from Canada

Here are some general helpful tidbits of information:

    • There are no special rules for non-residents to buy and invest here. Buying a home is straightforward. Contact me and I will email you our booklet on Purchasing a Home in Las Vegas for non-residents which details terminology and the process.

    • Most Canadians buy with all cash. There are a limited amount of  “reasonable” loan programs for Canadians (Thank g-d you are from Canada as there are NO reasonable loans available to residents of other countries. Canadians are special!)

    • See your tax professional but generally your rental income is treated the same as if you resided in the U.S. provided you elect this form of tax treatment.

    • If leasing your property out, you will need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Contact me and I’ll tell you how to get one. You will also likely need a U.S. Bank account.

    • When you sell, there is some tax withheld for all non-residents. However, you can apply to have that tax refunded, as deserved. Talk to your tax advisor for details.

    • All tax advice should be from a licensed tax professional. Contact me and I can provide you a list of tax professionals familiar with cross-border taxes.

Have a question? Contact me.