5 Things You Should Know About The Las Vegas Housing Market in 2011

  1. In April 52% of all homes sold were by CASH. So cash is king but their are a lot of  “kings” out there!

    April Sales, 52% Cash.
  2. There is a frenzy of buyer activity for houses under $140,000. Most non-short sale homes in this price range will receive multiple offers in desireable locations and reasonable condition.
  3. Despite the silence in the media, there is only about 4 months of inventory at any one time in Las Vegas. Most experts say that 6 months of inventory constitutes a normal market. Las Vegas has less than that. Which is why investors are pouring back into the market and owner-occupant purchasers are buying now.
  4. In the bubble market of 2004-2006 investors were buying homes for appreciation but may have not cash flowed. Today, you can buy homes that really cash-flow well. And, there is future appreciation potential as well.
  5. Since the beginning of the year to the end of April, the days on market of rental properties has declined by half while average rental price has gone up*. Rental demand is back!

*analysis was done on both Summerlin and the Southwest area of Las Vegas for a typical investment home.